amago mark
Pictures data: Water Color or Acrylic Color
Size: 515mm*182mm (20.3in*7.2in)
The stream in autumn

The leaves of the trees in the mountains begin turning rapidly
when it begins terribly cold during mornings and evenings.
There are no signs of fisherman around the river and the stillness gets back.
The river looks lonely.

Swimming trout

The autumn wind blows in trees.
Trout are swimming in the deep river with fallen leaves.
They look comfortable. They give signs of moving and stay at the same place.
They notice I keep watching them and disappear into the depths.

Autumn colors

Fishing is prohibited from October.
Some what discontent, I enjoy taking a walk on the riverbank.
A big trout seems to have finished the spawning and comes down the streams.
Then, I find another pair of big trout on the riverbed of the upper stream.
I was surprised that I met them without notice.

The closed season

I want to loaf about the river soon after the beginning of the closed season.
I feel peaceful by the quiet river.
I think a new life are about to be born in the stream.

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