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amago mark
Pictures data: Ink and Water Color
Size: 182mm*128mm (7.2in*5.0in)
chum salmon
Chum salmon (Dog salmon)
Oncorhynchus keta

They inhabits north of Tonegawa river in the
Pacific Ocean side and north of Nakagawa
river in Kyusyu in the Japan sea.
The northen Pacific Ocean from California
to the east Korean Peninsula and a part
of the Arctic Ocean are their home.
They are 22 or 40 inches long.
They are the most familiar salmons in Japan,
called Akiaji, Ohsuke, Shiro and Tokishirazu.

Pink salmon (Humpback salmon)
Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

The area from Northern Japan to Nothern
Californiain the Pacific Ocean is their home.
They are 16 or 28 inches long.
The probability of returning to their mother
river is lower than that of another salmons.
Japanese name is Karafuto masu,
also Seppari masu.
pink salmon
Oncorhynchus nerka nerka

They are landlocked form of Sockeye salmons.
Lake Akan, Lake Chimikeppu are their homes
in Japan. There are many lakes
where wild Kokanees live in North America.
They are 8 or 12 inches long.
They were moved to Lake Shikotsu from
Lake Akan in 1894, after that to Lake Towada,
Lake Chuzenji, Ashino-ko and so on.
Japanese name is Hime masu.

Sockeye salmon (Red salmon)
Oncorhynchus nerka nerka

The area from Hokkaido to Northern
Carifornia in the Pacific Ocean is their home.
They are 24 or 28 inches long.
There must be a lake in the river basin
to go upstream for them.
Japanese name is Beni sake.
sockeye salmon
coho salmon
Coho salmon (Silver salmon)
Oncorhynchus kisutch

The area from the Far Eastern Russia to
Nothern California in the north Pacific Ocian
is their home. They are few species in Japan.
They are 24 or 28 inches long.
They are raised in Miyagi, Iwate, Aomori
and Hokkaido.
Japanese name is Gin sake.

Chinook salmon (King salmon)
Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

They slightly go upstream in Hokkaido.
Amur region, to Nothern California side of
the north Pacific Ocean are their home.
They are 40 inches long or more.
They are the biggest fish of salmons.
They are well known as King salmon
for anglers. Japanese name is Masunosuke.
chinook salmon
Atlantic salmon
Atlantic salmon
Salmo salar

They are found in the northern Atlantic Ocean and in rivers that flow into the north Atlantic. Originally, "Salmon" in English is "Atlantic salmon". They are comparatively big size in the family Salmonidae. The length is 90-110cm (There is the one that reaches 120cm in the length, 40kg.) "Salar the Salmon" written by Henry Willamson is well known.

Salmon fishing was begun on the east coast of Hokkaido from 1987.
We can't fish salmons fishing at rivers in Hokkaido for all prohibition of fishing,
but we can fish under the pretext of "Capture for Survey" in Churuigawa river, Hamamasu-gawa river, etc.
Recently, the salmon can fish in some rivers of the Mainland as well as Hokkaido.

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