Other fish in Mountain stream

amago mark
These are some of illustrations that I drew for Headstream Museum of Forest and Water in Kawakami village Nara.

Ugui (Japanese dace)

Ugui (Japanese dace)Tribolodon hakonensis
Length of about 30 cm (12 in). Ugui inhabits all over Japan except Okinawa, South Chishima islands, Sakhalin, Amur river, and from Korean peninsula east shores to Far Eastern Russia.
The adult fish shows nuptical coloration of three red stripes when becoming a spawning season.
It is said that Japanese name of Ugui came from "Fish that Cormorant(u) eat(gui)".

Aburahaya (Amur minnow)

Aburahaya (Amur minnow)Phoxinus lagowski steindachneri
Length of about 15 cm (6 in). Aburahaya inhabits the Mainland of Japan, north-
eastern of China, and from Korean peninsula east shores to Far Eastern Russia.
They lives in the place where the flow is loose. They are called Aburahaya because they slimes like having painted oil(abura).

kawamutsu (Dark chub)

kawamutsu (Dark chub)Candidia temminckii
Length of about 18 cm (7 in). Kawamutsu inhabits the Mainland of the west from the Chubu region, Shikoku, Kyushu, and Korean peninsula etc.
Male adult fish shows the nuptial coloration of red belly, white dots in the face when becoming the spawning season. They can fish easily as fish other than the purpose of the Amago fishing.

Kajika (Japanese fluvial sculpin)

Kajika (Japanese fluvial sculpin)Cottus pollux
Length of about 15 cm (6 in). Japanese peculiar kind. Kajika inhabits the Mainland, Shikoku, Kyushu, the southern part of Hokkaido. They lives in the mountain shallows where clear water and lots of stones exist. The egg laid in the ceiling of the stone from March to June is defended by the male sculpin.

Oikawa (Pale chub)

Oikawa (Pale chub)Opsariichthys platypus
Length of about 15 cm (6 in). Oikawa inhabits the Mainland of the west from the Kanto region, Shikoku, Kyushu, and lives in Korean peninsula, China, etc.
Male adult fish will be beautiful color shining like blue green, red, yellow brown in the spawning season. They do not live in the upstream like Ugui (Dace).

Ayu (Sweetfish)

Ayu (Sweetfish)Plecoglossus altivelis altivelis
Length about from 10 cm (4 in) to 30 cm (12 in). Ayu inhabits Japanese various places of the south from the west Hokkaido. Ayu's kind inhabits Korean peninsula, Chinese coast part, Taiwan.
The adult fish eats the alga that attaches to the stone in the riverbed, and makes the territory, so Tomozuri using the territory is famous. Kebari-fishing until they become adult fish is also well known. They have the smell like the watermelon. They finish their life in one year.

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