Hand Made Equipment

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I introduce my hand made equipment. Even if those are
cheap goods, those become favorite equipments by ideas.

Light Fishing Vest
To remake it, use cheap vest, used one or ill-fitting one. Cut upper of a vest and sew 2 belts on the cuted vest. It is cool and light in summer. If you can use a sawing machine, it is easy for you to remake.
I'm going to fishing with the light vest in all seasons.
Knife and Sheath
Make a sheath of your best design and grind over blade into a convenient shape blade. These are necessary pereseverance.

Reel Case
This is hand sawing reel case that is made of an odd leather, and inside of the case is stuck an odd sheep's fur.

Leader Wallet
Change a cover of cheap leader wallet with a leather. The more it is used the wallet, the more it have a distinctive style.

Tippet Dispenser
Wind 2 tippet spool cases with leather and make 2 projection with eyelets to hold tippet cases. Last fasten with velcro.

Fly Reel
This is remake and tune up of cheap reel. Simply take off paint of reel spool with watertight sandpaper. If you change spool cap to a aluminum cap, it look so high grade reel. This reel spool was shakeing, so I puts a stainless steel washer in the shaft. I bought this reel for about 1,000 yen in around 1980. This is a cheap one that has not an indication of the maker name.
Reel 1 Reel 2
Fly Tying Kit 1

Portable Fly Tying Kit
This is only way that do thorough wood work and it is hard. Closed box size : 6.3" wide, 4.3" depth, 1.7" height. You can put contents of the image into the box.
Fly Tying Kit 2 Rod and Net 1
Rod and Net 2

Fly Rod
If you repair and change a old rod grip to a rod grip fit for your fishing style and your hand, you might get good fishing result. I am always using image's grip that I changed to strate cigar type.
Rod and Net 3 Rod and Net 4
Rod and Net5
Landing Net
Take off paint of a wood frame with soundpaper. Dye a frame to your best color, and paint a frame with clear paint. It is transformed to high grade landing net. I think semi-gloss clear paint of polyurethane is best.

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