Big Thompson River,
Sleepy Hollow Park Colorado

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Big Thompson River Regulations Signboard
Adam-san and I
Big Thompson River and a Angler
End of Fishing Big Thompson River and a Angler

Today is the day when we move to YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park for Tenkara Summit 2015. We met the people who go fishing together today at Estes Park and went to the lower reaches in the dam of Lake Estes. It was said that here could fish a large size but the pressure is high and could not catch, so we have moved to a area called Sleepy Hollow Park. I could meet Adam-san who was making a contact each other by e-mail from 18 years ago for the first time on this day. I could meet many Tenkara Fishers, and could not catch, but I was able to happy fishing.

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