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The world's first all-weather 35mm EE film camera that was released by FUJICA in 1979. The lens was FUJINON F2.8 / 38mm that has an established reputation. Chest harness
and the special strobe light for attaching to
HD-1 FUJICA the side had also been provided. The camera was 33,800 yen (flash light 9,800 yen) very expensive for me at that time, but was an attractive camera that gives me pleasure in various scenes, of course fishing.
After that, HD-S with a strobe light was released so I bought this further and, had been using for many years. HD-1 and HD-S were produced by
Mr. Yasuhiro Hamano, also known as a fly fisherman, and they were simple and good designs.

Lumix LX3

Digital Compact Camera Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3
LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMICRON F2.0-2.8 24-60mm Lens. I took the photos of interior for my business often, so I liked the bright and wide angle lens, and have patronized this. I was able to buy this at half price of LEICA D-LUX4 that are OEM supply from Panasonic. I thought that they had spoiled the original good design since there were a lot of the molding of grip, the character of logo mark,
etc. on the body, so I covered the body with the leather. I have equipped with 24mm External optical viewfinder, Lens Adaptor, Kenko MC UV Filter, YAMA Special Hood.

The combination watch which combined an analog and digital that I bought in 1991. When I went to areas that do not know, I am judging it by using the altimeter, since the trout lives from the altitude of about 500 m or more on the western part of Japan.

Casio and Tissot Watch
Casio and Tissot Watch

TISSOT T-Touch Tactile Watch
Touch-screen watch with 8 functions, Barometer, Altimeter, Chrono, Compass, Alarm, Thermometer, and Date and Time. After CASIO, I used this regularly.
Casio and Tissot Watch

Spring Scissors and Waltons Thumb

Suzumaru Nigiri-basami (Spring Scissors) Tsume-gata 105mm
The spring scissors for thread cut of Suzumaru-jirushi Seisakusho (Suzumaru-mark Works) that I bought when went to the hardware town Banshu Miki City (Hyogo Pref). Since I like the size that fits comfortably in the palm, and the sharp cutting edge suitable for fine work, I am useing for fly tying. I made sheath in scraps of leather.
Spring Scissors and Waltons Thumb

Walton's Thumb Fly Fishing Multi Tool
Multi Tool that has the gadgets needed for fly fishing, knife blade, scissors, hook eye cleaner, clipper, split-shot opener, tweezers, etc. In the early 1970s, the original was designed by the well-known fly tyer Mr. Hank Roberts, and was made in Japan. Its production came to an end in the late 1980s, but it has been re-introduced in 2015 after years of blanks. I have been using it for many years while sharpening the knife blade, so the knife blade of image is very slim.

Wenger Swiss Army Knife Nail Clip 580
This is a multi tool having nail clippers with a beautiful grip that designed to fit the hand, and was designed by Mr. Paolo Fancelli. In addition to nail clippers, this has knife blade, scissors, nail file, toothpick, tweezers, etc. This can be used for fishing just like Walton's Thumb, but I am putting it in my travel pouch when I travel. After was merged into Victorinox in 2005, Wenger is integrated in 2013 and the knife of Wenger brand has finished producing.
Spring Scissors and Waltons Thumb
Spring Scissors and Waltons Thumb

Hardy Fibalite, Orvis Brook Trout

Hardy Fibalite Glass Rod 7'6" #5 2pc 1top
In the 1970s, this is one of the best glass rod. It was called "JET" from the name of the designer Jon E Tarantino. But the name of "JET" has disappeared by the trouble of the trademark that happened in 1974. It is this rod I have. It is a nice rod in which casting becomes pleasant, but if it cast the line too long, the power of rod is lost suddenly.
Hardy Fibalite, Orvis Brook Trout

Orvis Graphite Rod
Brook Trout 7'6" #4 2pc

The graphite rod of un-sand finish that is a feature of Orvis at the 1980s. Although I strayed since it was a gift from my friend, I change the grip to straight cigar type, and I am useing. I also have Western 8' #4 2pc rod of the same type to the other, and I am useing both now.
Hardy Fibalite, Orvis Brook Trout

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