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Hinoematagawa River Oze Mini Park
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The end of May, I and my two friends was invited from my other friend and traveled for fishing by three days and two nights to Hinoemata. After leaving Kyoto Station, it took about 7 hours by the Shinkansen, Tobu Lines, and Aizu Kinugawa Line and, we arrived at Aizukogen-Ozeguchi Station with my other friend who met at Tokyo. In Hinoemata, Nori san of Outdoor wear Teton Bros who is his friends that had been arriving earlier, and Taka san of Inn Kadoya, and their friends were kind to us a welcome and send-off, guidance to a fishing place, etc. We were able to taste the gibier, the edible wild plants, the local specialty Tachi-soba, etc. that can rarely be eaten. It was rainy weather with three unlucky days, and the stream still has some muddiness by melt snow, and was a high-water level, but we were able to experience the nature of 1000m class highlands. I was able to do the lively pleasant fishing trip with friends who went together. I thought that I would visit some day again at the time when a water level becomes normally. Thanks,

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