Togegawa River
Catch & Release area, Itoshiro

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In fresh green
Narrow stream
Distant view of Mt. Hakusan
Confluence point with Ogigawa River
In the stream
Confluence point with main stream
Iwana of nice condition

Late May 2010, Daniel san who founded "Tenkara USA" came to Japan to learn the tenkara techniqu etc from Ishigaki san who is called "Tenkara Daio" and is Professor of Aichi Institute of Technology, and to research tenkara fishing. He went to fish with his friend's Chikara san who lives in Tokyo. I was communicating with him about the fishing culture, the fishing history, and the traditional tenkara kebari etc of Japan before he establishes a company, so it became to plan that I join them at Itoshiro.
Ishigaki san and Daniel san and Chikara san went to four days fishing trip to Maze and Itoshiro. I left Kyoto later 1 day than they and arrived at Itoshiro at about 2:00PM of the 26th. Because Itoshiro that I know is an age when the C&R area has not been established yet, this is the fishing in Itoshiro after a long time for me. I fished in the C&R area near the inn because there was time to spare until promised time. Maybe the temperature went up a little and the condition of flow was good, so I was able to meet with five beautiful iwana between about 50m. I was recommended the use of level line by Ishigaki san, and experienced it for the first time with this trip. I can cast really well or was dubious, but I actually felt that it has low air resistance than the taper line and it is easy to cast. Daniel san and Chikara san also were coached from Ishigaki san, and they were catching the trout one after another. We did not have a hard time talking because Chikara san had interpreted, and we could have really nice the happy fishing trip. A lot of beautiful trout inhabits Togegawa river of the C&R area, and it had become a wonderful stream as we wish to visit again.

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