Adogawa River, Kutsuki

amago mark
Kutsuki is located halfway between Wakasa and Kyoto.
It has many valleys and three big tributaries.

yokotani yokotani village frog rock
Stream of Asoh and Yokotani village
from resting cabin in kitagawa field map of kutsuki
Junction of Asoh River Frog rock
stream nearby hiraki downstream kitagawa river
Near Hiraki village downstream Kitagawa Riv.
stream in hiraki ichiba
Near Ichiba village
shurinji temple
Upstream Kitagawa River Garden of Syurinji Temple
bud of butterbur map of japan stream in hosokawa shallows in murai
Season of buding Open streams of Adogawa River

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

former road in Ichiba This road was called "Saba kaido" because Mackerels were transported to Kyoto from Obama harbor by this road in the Edo period. It is a road that leads to Kyoto from Wakasa Obama in the Japan Sea side by way of Kutsuki and Ohara. It was not only road for transporting marine products but also road of cultural exchange that continue 50 miles along beautiful streams, such as Kitagawa River in Fukui, Azumigawa River in Shiga, and Takanogawa River in Kyoto. (Photo is former road in Ichiba.)

Kutsuki used to be the only village in Shiga in the middle reaches of the Adogawa River basin, but amalgamated with Takashima-cho, Adogawa-cho, Shinasahi-cho, Imazu-cho, and Makino-cho and became Takashima City on January 1, 2005. The main stream of Adogawa River is light, open stream and shallow. This river is mostly fishing area of Ayu (Sweet fish), but it has many rivers in the valleys and big tributaries that are Harihata River, Asohgawa River and Kitagawa River. Amagos and Iwanas live in those rivers. Asoh and Jishihara were village of the wooden turner at one time. The Adogawa River bends to the east at Ichiba village and flows into Lake Biwa.

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