Itoshirogawa River, Itoshiro

amago mark
Itoshiro is located in the south foot of Mt.Hakusan.
It had prospered as village of mountains religion at one time.

upper stream iwana dawn
Shallows of upper stream field map of itoshiro amago
view from bridge
Near Hakusan shrine Iwana and Amago
branch map of japan
Tenkara fisher in branch hakusan cyukyo shrine
stream nearby logcabin
Stream near Kamizaisho Hakusan shrine
confluence shimozaisho village
Flyfisher in the confluence Distant view of Shimozaisho village

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

There are a way of going to Route 156 and go up north along Nagara River and change its course to northwest past Shirotori town and through Hinoki mountain pass and the other way of through Izumi village from Fukui pref.
Itoshiro is located in the south foot of Mt.Hakusan that is one of three famous mountains with Mt.Fuji and Mt.Tateyama in Japan. This area has rich nature which have many animals, plants of high mountain and natural forest of beech trees. At one time, Itoshiro had prospered with history of religion in Mt.Hakusan since Mt.Hakusan was developed as an ascetic practices location by Priest Taicho in 717. Itoshirogawa river and that tributary streams are known as good fishing place. Itoshirogawa river is light and open stream. I feel like fishing at ease there as I enjoy stream and that fine view. In August, 2000, C&R area was established in Togegawa River of the branch. It aims at the river that the trout reproduced in nature live, not stock. Also, some areas are closed to fishing.

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