Yuragawa River, Ashiu

amago mark
Ashiu is located in the northern part of Kyoto.
The 99.9 percent part of the village is coverd by forest.

toroko michi ensyurin
Forest track A view of upper stream from forest track
ensyurin office field map of yuragawa ensyurin
Testing forest's Office Shallows and depths
ashiu village stream near ashiu
Ashiu village Stream near Ashiu
view of ashiu village karato valley
Distant view of Ashiu Karato ravine
amago map of japan
Brilliant orange spot
ajisai hototogisu matsuyoigusa butterfly
There are rich nature in the forest and around Ashiu village.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

There is an area in the upper course of Yuragawa River. It's place for conducting practical experiment for Kyoto University, below the Ashiu and Sugo village. The access to the upper course is by walking along the forest track only, and the forest track runs parallel with the Yuragawa River. Nobody can go there by car, so native Yamame still inhabit there. The village is the deepest one among the other villages within the area. The lower part has stocked Trouts Amago, but we can expect that Native Yamame inhabit beside some streams of the lower part. At one time since the road was not well built, good preparation is necessary when running on it. but it's very easy to run on the paved road now.

The dam construction plan in connection with Wakasa and Fukui atomic power plants was released by Kansai electric power company in 1967. This plan was published to public 30 years ago, it hasn't been abandoned yet. The villagers are taking action to protest against, the plan because they want to protect the nature, to live with the nature and to conserve the natural resources. According to some sources, the water quality in Yuragawa River is the best in Japan, and I hope this river will be kept beautiful stream forever.

Finally, Kansai electric power company proposed the dam construction plan discontinuance in 2005, and this plan lowered a curtain. The forest was kept.

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