Adogawa River, Katsuragawa

amago mark
Katsuragawa is located on the west foot of Hira Mountains.
There are many villages along the Adogawa and its valleys.

kawai kankakei valley the confluence of two rivers
Kankakei valley and junction of Adogawa River
field map of katsuragawa thatched roof
Junction of Harihata River Thatch in Umenoki
nakamura village myoohdani riv.
Nakamura village Doun Myoohdani River
egatani riv. stream nearby sakashita
Egatani River Near Sakashita village
amago map of japan
Amago in summer
horsetail momoi riv. taira village taira
Near Taira village and distant view Former and new road

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

former road in Sakashita This road was called "Saba kaido" because Mackerels were transported to Kyoto from Obama harbor by this road in the Edo period. It is a road that leads to Kyoto from Wakasa Obama in the Japan Sea side by way of Kutsuki and Ohara. It was not only road for transporting marine products but also road of cultural exchange that continue 50 miles along beautiful streams, such as Kitagawa River in Fukui, Azumigawa River in Shiga, and Takanogawa River in Kyoto. (Photo is former road in Sakashita.)

The access to Katsuragawa which is the upper reaches of Adogawa River go along "Saba kaido" and cross Tochu mountain pass, Hanaore mountain pass by way of Ohara from Kyoto.
It was hard to go over those mountain passes at one time when there was rain and snow but we can use tunnels to passes now. So many Amagos and Iwanas inhabited the main of the river and tributary streams. This river was buried in eath and sand by land slide in 1987, and my visits to there became rarer as the road is paved. We are able to fish easily because this river became a habitat of stocked Amagos and Iwanas now. In the upper area of Adogawa River, my favorite streams are near Sakashita, near Bohmura, near Umenoki and near Hosokawa from the past.

My Best Streams

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