Nakatsugawa River, Kumogahata

amago mark
Kumogahata is located in the north of Kyoto.
You feel nostalgia for the streams of the mountain village.

Kumogahata village Upper part of the confluence Upper stream of Nakatsugawa riv.
Fresh green Kumogahata The junction, the upper stream of Nakatsu Riv.
Near Deaibashi bridge Field map of Kumogahata Upper stream of Nakatsugawa riv.
Ichinose's neighborhood Fish till early summer
Kumogahatagawa riv. near Ichinose Down part of the confluence
A quiet stream The middle reaches
Kumogahatagawa riv. near Hotarutani map of japan
The lower part
Upper part of Oiwa Violet flowers Strawberry's flowers Yellow flowers
Fish from here, Enjoy flowers that are blooming along the mountain stream.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

Kumogahata is located in the upper stream of Kamogawa River. 30 minutes's drive will bring you from Kyoto town to the quiet mountain area. There are some village along the stream since the Heian period. Mr. Soseki Yamamoto who was essayist and tenkara-angler loved Kumogahata River. He wrote a terrible mysterious experience of Yakushi mountain pass to go from Kiyotakigawa to Kumogahata in his book "The Mountain Stream Storys, Mystery of Shimeiin temple". Shimeiin temple is well known as a temple of alpine roses better than a temple of ghosts now. The streams of Kumogahata is that I began to trout fishing for the first and I frequently went there at one time. I had stoped to go there from around 1980 because the stream was beginning prominent dirt.

Kumogahata village I went to the streams of Kumogahata after a long time. The streams and Amagos were alive and in good health still, but there were large trash everywhere in the streams. I was sad to find them. The lower part of Kumogahata River is called Kamogawa River. The river is very loved among the citizens of Kyoto. I became sad when I thought that someone in the citizens who enjoy on the bank of Kamogawa River make dirty the upper stream of same river with their trash. (Photo is bank of Kamogawa River.)

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