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Model #1492 CJ
When I began fishing, I bought 1492 CJ. Click of Pflueger Medalist at that time was very soft materials so it decreased while one season. It was goods of poor quality, but I kept on using it because I loved Pflueger Medalist 1492 and it was very cheap. After all, I kept on using it for many years while replacing to the clicks of various cheap products. Currently, I bought 1492 AK of the 1990s and I changed the front plate and spool to the parts of former 1492 CJ, and changed the reel foot to the product of One-Pfoot. Besides I transformed shape of the click spring in order to change into the left hand use. When the frame edge worn and made various scratches, I think it will become to the one of my favorite reels.
spring Model #1492 CJ click and spring

To change for the left hand use, refer to upper photo and transform the shape of spring with a pair of pincers. Next, lower a pin and change the direction of click. Remove the line guard because it has no use for the left hand use, and the weight become light. If you fill up the line guard holes it is perfect.
(Old Pflueger Medalist Reels that I collected.)

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