A branch of Kitagawa River

amago mark

Small dam
Japanese rose
Narrow stream I caught here
Beautiful Amago
Narrow stream
Yellow tip Confluence Blue argent Iwana

The first fishing this year. The mountain village started changing from cherry blossoms to fresh green season. Though I went to Katsuragawa in Adogawa river upstream, the river increased the water and was a rapid stream because it had rained the day before, so the reaction to the fly was not good. I gave it up early, and to sketch, I went to Oisugi in Harihatagawa river upstream. Afterwards, I found a trout of good size in the stream of valley by which I casually stopped on the way in going to Saba kaido (Route 367) on the road along Kitagawa river. It was ten o'clock already, but I prepared fishing again and went down the steep slope. According to my expectation, the native beautiful trout who doesn't know fishing hook rised to my fly one after another. It is enjoy only a little by finding an unpublished stream. I was filled enough though it was fishing of one hour or less. I thought this valley is covered with the thicket maybe in middle of May and the fishing becomes impossible until early spring of next year.

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