Tananogawa River, Hora, Yamamori

amago mark
Hora and Yamamori have peaceful rural scenery.
There are located in the upper reaches of the Tananogawa.

hora village yamamoritani
Hora village and stream field map of tananogawa Upstream Yamamori Riv.
horatani river midatetani river
Junction of Hora Stream of Yamamori
horatani river yamamori village
From the back of village Near Yamamori village
nashima village and stream wild yamame
Flat Nishikawa Riv. Wild Yamame
ikarisou map of japan tana village and stream morisato village and stream
Pale violet in forest View from Tana village Near Morisato village

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

Tananogawa River runs along Route 162 (Shuzan-kaido road) that leads to Kyoto from Obama in the Japan sea. This river joins Yuragawa River at Miyajima village. Nishikawa River and Yamamori tanigawa River runs through in some villages. Each of those rivers joins Tananogawa River at Tsurugaoka and Morisato village. Those rivers have kept calm scenery in country yet. those are the most suitable places to enjoy fishing or walking leisurely and quietly from early spring to summer. You may meet to wild Yamame in upper streams.

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