A upstream branch of Shokawa

amago mark

The upper stream
The stream in trees
Summer flower
Summer flower
The narrow stream
Nice point
Summer flower
Bright and shadow
The vicinity of confluence with main stream
I caught here Iwana in summer A farm in highland

After a long time, I went out to Shokawa Hirase with my family and we spent a little time in the riverbank. A lure fisher that met in the riverbank told to me that it was the good fishing today. It was possible to hardly fish before but it seems to be recovering now. We stayed in Shokawa highlands (Shokawa village annexed to Takayama city on Feb. 2005.) and the next day I fished at the small stream in the staying area during about one hour. It is a small stream that can be stepped over but Iwana reacted to my fly anywhere. I became feelings relieved at the same time as being surprised because such a stream existed still. We went to Takayama on that day, and saw the morning market, and walked in the town. We enjoyed the emotion of Old Town.

Stuffed Iwana Sumishin-shoten To go to Takayama city rapidly, use Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway and Chubu Traversing Expressway from Shokawa IC to Takayama west IC. And change to Route 156 afterward. I found a stuffed Iwana of the woodcut hand dye at "Sumishin-shoten" of Kamisannomachi on an old town in Takayama. Besides, the stuffed animal has Amago, sculpin, and wild bird, etc. It is made of the natural undyed cotton fabric. Chaff is packed into the inside.

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