Sasarigawa River, Sasari

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The Sasarigawa River is a branch of Yuragawa River and located in northeastern of Kyoto that is surrounded by mountains. "C&R area for fly & lure fishing" was established in the upstream part of the Sasarigawa River for promotion and the nature conservation of the village. Though I had been minding from before. Because I had known the very beautiful former stream that the wild yamame lived, I did not feel like going fishing there for a long time. One day in Sept. I decided to go out to see the conditions of the river though it was too slow time to fish. I arrived at the middle reaches of Sasarigawa River at 8AM. Fishers on this day were only three people including me, so I was able to fish peacefully. However, a lot of reeds grow thick in the stream, the pool and rapids have been buried by gravel, and I have understood the environment of this mountain village is changing. I fished a lot of Kawamutsu so that it was not possible to count, but I was not able to fish Yamame. And I stopped fishing in about two hours. Still, the stream at the Sasari is still beautiful, and we can enjoy easy the fishing of the mountain village there.

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