Isshikigawa River, Isshiki

amago mark
Isshiki is on the upper reaches of Shokawa River.
It is located near the junction of Isshikigawa and Shokawa.

pass field map of isshiki field map of issikiautumn colors
View from the pass field map of issiki
Autumn colors
iwana stream
Iwana in lower part Near Isshiki Village
map of japan stream
Continuous shallows
georama stream and larch woods

Isshiki river runs through in the woods of larch.

There is small dam where we passed Isshiki Village.
The upper area is dotted with cottages in the woods of larch. When my children was little, I used to camp this place with my family.
The left photo is that scene, this georama (1/87) was made by myself.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

There is a way of going to Hida Takayama road (Route 158) to go to Shokawa Isshiki Village and turn the right at Makito. It is in the opposite direction to Shokawa Hirase Village. Turn the right at Makito, and you'll find traditional private houses soon. It is a folk museum "The Village of Shokawa". You can look back on Shokawa of the past here.

Isshiki river runs through in the woods of larch and birch tree in highland. Good result of fishing can't expect in the lower stream now, but I am pleased with that stream because it is wonderful view, light and open stream. The middle part of Isshiki river has continuous rapids to the ski ground, and this river suddenly narrows in the upper part. Iwana (Char) had inhabited in the lower part at one time, but the lower part became a habitat of stocked Amago, Rainbow trout and Yamame now.

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