Chayagawa River, Yakeno

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Ibaragawa Forest Road Stream and Yakenobashi Bridge Friend who do Fly Fishing

Green Stream

Wild Amago

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In early June, I was concerned about the situation of Chayagawa River that I did not visit for many years so I went fishing with my friend. "Ishiguretoge Road" (Refer to the map of Echigawa Yuzurio) which connects Higashi-Omi City of Shiga and Inabe City of Mie by the tunnel has opened. When I think of the old days, I feel I am living in a completely different age. Driving on the road that greatly changed, and divided from the national highway just before Ishigure tunnel, and enter Ibaragawa forest road, and when go through Orito tunnel, the atmosphere changes and the stream that seems to be an another world appears, but it seemed that the fish were few and the pressure was very high, because it became easy to go to Ibaragawa in the upper part of the Chayagawa River. Still we were able to meet the wild and beautiful amago. According to the local people, it seems that Amago lives in mainstream and Iwana lives in tributary valley.

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