Shirakawa River, Kashimo

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Upper stream of Shirakawa Riv.
Shirakawa Riv. map
Clear Shallows
Clear water

To go to Kashimo village, use Route 19 from Nakatsugawa interchange of Chuo express- way. And change to Route 257 afterward. Kashimo village is well known as Japanese cypress producing district from the earliest times. Kashimogawa River runs parallel with Route 257 in the middle of the village. As this river is called Shirakawa River (white river), the upper stream has very clear stream and there lives beautiful Amago that has back of emerald. The upper stream is called Otome-keikoku and there is a camping ground. The stream in the village become open and shallow. Everybody that meet in the village say hello to me. I feel happy regardless of fishing result. The down stream runs parallel with Route 256 and joins Hidagawa River.
Private House
Down stream of Shirakawa Riv.
Kashimo Village

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