Besshogawa River, Hanase

amago mark

Nice stream
I caught a amago at here.
Small stream
Innocent Amago
Amago of early summer live in shallows.
Constable that suck up water.
Honeysuckle Intrepid Looking Amago
View of Hanase

When I went to Yuragawa River Ashiu for periodical event of Tsuttenkai of our fishing club, On my way home, I casually stoped in a small stream that I had overlooked usually. There were traces of anglers in the stream, but I felt wild amagos that attacked my #16 elk-hair caddis fly without hesitation have very little pressure by anglers. We tend to think that to get good fishing result should go far away but to my surprise, attractive stream was near. This is Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city.

My Best Streams

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