Ojikagawa River, Miyori

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Upper stream
Myself in the upper stream
Ojikagawa map
Upper stream2
Upper stream3
Yellow mountain lily

It is said Ojikagawa River is the most beautiful stream among Kinugawa River. I went to fishing with two friends one day June. I was anxious about large number of anglers in the stream and a lot of sand fill the bed, but I could judge that stream is clean still now because reeds are not overgrown at the bank. We were in the stream from daybreak to the daytime but nobody could not catch a trout. Instead, we could meet to many wild plants and wild animals. Yellow mountain lily, Wisteria, Sable and so on. Another pleasure is there is the hot spring resort Kawaji onsen in the lower reaches of Ojikagawa River. Kawaji onsen has the open air bath of rock at the bank. It is the most suitable place to warm the body that was got cold by fishing.
the middle reaches 2
Kamatsuka (Pourthiaea)
Sable the middle reaches 1

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