Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown

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Lake Wakatipu
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When we are going to Mataura River, we dropped in a place that a small stream flow into the east shore of Lake Wakatip. I strained my eyes, trying to find trout, and I could find many silhouette of trout that move around quickly in the current. I retrieved #6 sinking line with wet fly little by little, and I caught two Rainbow torout in a few minutes. One of those was about 50cm (19.7in) Rainbow torout of nice condition. In the afternoon, we dropped to Kingston that is the south side of Lake Wakatip on our way back. Here is the starting point of sightseeing steam locomotive. I could enjoy fishing from embankment easily because Brown trout cruise to here. There were not especially big trout but I could meet Brown trout as beautiful as the first Rainbow trout.
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