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I go to fishing with friends whom the schedule suits during the fishing season several times and go also to biannual regular fishing trip of Fishing Club Tsuttenkai that started together with work companions. When I went to fishing, I feel that the sake has a different tastes from the city. It is an effect due to a lot of minus ions in surroundings of the stream or smell of forest (phytoncide), don't you think? I introduce the "Guinomi" that I was given from acquaintances or bought for memories when I went to a trip and a fishing. "Guinomi" is a small cup to drink sake. There are nothing particularly expensive in things that I bought, but these are all very precious things with occasional memories for me. These are the "Tableware" that will enrich the dining table a little, and are existence to be able to call one of the "Fishing gear" for me now.
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gray gray Tobe Pottery Nakata-gama (kiln) 2018
Echizen Pottery Naoki Izumi 2011 Suzu Pottery Takenori Shimizu 2011 Tobe Pottery Nakata-gama (kiln) 2018
Bizen Pottery Nobuyoshi Shibaoka 2008 Woman's member of Tsuttenkai 2009 Yufuin Kobiki Youfuu-gama(kiln) You Moriyama 2009
Otaru Kitaichi glass 2007 Hida Takayama Blowing glass Sota Aduchi 2007 Kanazawa Blowing glass Miki Inoue 2008
Shigaraki Pottery Kobiki Process Nobuaki Furutani 2007 Kyoto Sagano Ki-Kobiki Process Tomohiro Suzuki 2007 Tanba Tachikui Pottery Satoru-gama(kiln) Tetsuji Ichino 2007
Oita Kawarauchi Oribe style Pair cup Miran-gama(kiln) Kacho Kawarabata 2007 Oita Kawarauchi Oribe style Pair cup Miran-gama(kiln) Kacho Kawarabata 2007 Mashiko Pottery Akira Miyazawa 2007
Tokoname Pottery Kobiki Process Yushi Ito 2005 Iga Pottery Kozan-gama(kiln) 2005 Bizen Pottery Kibido-gama(kiln) Bifu Kimura 2006
Hagi Pottery Seifu-gama(kiln) Hideo Nishimura 2005 Shigaraki Pottery Miharu-gama(kiln) Tsuguharu Kanzaki 2005 Tanba Tachikui Pottery Tansui-gama(kiln) Shigeru Tanaka 2005
Bizen Pottery Kokoro-gama(kiln) Izumi Motoyama 2004 Shigaraki Pottery 2004 Bizen Pottery Atsuko Koyama Tokyo Kurodatoen 2005
Kyoto Gojozaka Nakatani 2004 Mashiko Pottery Haruo Fukushima 2004 Friend of Tsuttenkai 2004
Kyoto Ninenzaka Kodaiji Nakatani 2002 Kyoto Gojozaka Nakatani 2004 Kyoto Gojozaka Nakatani 2004
Kyoto Kiyomizu Friend of Ceramic artist 1970 Kyoto Ninenzaka Kodaiji Nakatani 2002 Kyoto Ninenzaka Kodaiji Nakatani 2002

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