Gibbon River and Madison River,

Yellowstone National Park

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Brown trout
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We reached the junction of the Gibbon River and Firehole River in about 2 hours after we started from town of Jackson and through Grand Teton National Park and went up north from south gate of Yellowstone National Park. The streams change the name to Madison River after the two streams were joined. The Gibbon River and Madison River runs through the highland with winding. I'm happy that I can cast free and easy without worry about back-casting. June 27, 11:00 a.m. fishing guide's Don and me have found rise to indicator when I began nimphing. I changed fly to Stimulator by advice of fishing guide's Don. It was good advice, and there was a rise to first casting but I couldn't hook it. After lunch, we changed river to the Madison River and I could catch a beautiful Brown trout. According to fishing regulation, in the Gibbon River and Madison River live Rainbow trout, Brown trout and Brook trout, but my friend luckily caught a Grayling. In Japan, we are often pry into whether there are trout in that river. In here, we can't blame a river that we can't fish. On the contrary, it is pleasant for me to must get fishing result with efforts of myself.

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