katsuragawa River, Hirogawara

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Hirogawara is located in the northern part of Kyoto city.
It is situated between Hanase and Sasari mountain pass.

kami-katsura riv. obana village.
Joins Wasetanigawa Riv. Private houses with thatched roof.
kami-katsura riv. field map of hirase obana village
Stream in Syakushiya. Obana village.
the confluence nomigawa riv.
Joins Nomigawa Riv. Nomigawa Riv.
teratani riv. map of japan
Teratani Riv.
the confluence syakushiya village
Stream in Ofuse. Storehouse in Yamasu.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

The access to Hirogawara from the central part of Kyoto go to Kurama road and cross Hanase mountain pass that has many hairpin curves. Hirogawara village still retains private houses with thatched roof. It is just like a mountain village. we got the feeling that we seems to have walked quite far away, but here is still Sakyo, in Kyoto city.

A stream of around Ofse is just like a mountain stream, but we feel like walking in an extended area as the name of the stream is 'Hirogawara' ( the meaning is wide riverbed in Japanese Kanji) when we have come to Hirogawara Obana. In fact the stream is very small.
We enjoy fishing only with fishing rod and reel, unlike fishing with heavy equipment bringing along with, I may prefer the former one.

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