Fly Tying Vise and Accessories

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I use tying vise and accessories also with modifications to make them more convenient for me, but just like my other fishing equipment, these will become simpler and simpler. Tying Vise and Accessories
Tying Vise and Accessories
Regal INEX Fly Tying Vise
This is a basic, moderately-priced vise outfitted with key essential features. I bought the one that was redesigned and released in 2015. I cut the vise stem to a height that is easy for me to use, and replaced with the inexpensive pedestal base of Caps (Japanese manufacturing wholesaler).

Petitjean Tool Rack
It has 3 size holes and is ideal for storing tying tools scattered on the desk. Later, Regal Vise also released a genuine tool bar.

Fly Tying Backdrop
This is Age Kasei Corporation Yokota Stationery Paper Stand. It is an excellent goods that can stand upright even thin paper, and is practical because can easily change the color of backdrop.

C&F DESIGN Magnetic Dust Pocket
It is easy to throw away a trash because it is set by a magnet. The pocket was not in the right position for Regal Vise, but it was able to solve the problem by attaching the magnet on the pocket side of the dust pocket of another vise to the connector side and using it as a spacer. The magnet is only fixed with a screw and nut, so it can be restored at any time. Later, Regal Vise also released a genuine vise scrap trap.

Fly Tying Temporary Storage Dish
Fly Tying Temporary Storage Dish
A porcelain plum blossom-shaped palette for melting and mixing watercolors (Ume-zara in Japanese). It can be used as a dish for temporary storage of hooks, beads and flies when fly tying. It has a plastic lid so it can be stacked. The images are 12 cm in diameter but some are 15 cm in diameter, and it can be purchased at reasonable prices at art supply stores.

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