Harihata River, Furuya

amago mark
Harihata River is located in Kutsuki, once the only village in Shiga.
The river runs through mountain villages, joins Kutagawa.

oisugi village field map of harihatagawa furuya village
Quiet Oisugi village Stream in Furuya
hera village furuya village 2
Hera village Farmhouse in Furuya
tenkara stream near ogawa
Tenkara fisher in Hera Near Ogawa village
downstream stream near ogawa
Shallows of lower part Near fishing area
flower 2 flower map of japan lure fly fishing area
Flowers tells us that fishing season has come. Lure, Fly fishing area

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

The Harihata River joins the Kutagawa River at Kawai village and joins the Adogawa River at Umenoki village. There are fishing area and Lure, Fly fishing area in the lower part. This river is even stream, long stream and over grown with reeds in the bank. The most upper reaches has rich nature which are habitat of Alpin roses, habitat of Irises and natural forest of beech trees. If you have good luck you may meet to Gifu-cho (It is primeval swallow tail butterfly.) in Oisugi from the middle of April to early May. The butterfly is called the goddes of spring.

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