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I decided to go to Udotani of Kitagawa river along the prefecture road 783 that had passed at the time of the last fishing because I wanted to fish peacefully without being hurried. I scarcely saw anglers on this day, so I was able to do pleasant fishing in the mountain village of the fresh green that had passed the season of cherry blossoms. I thought there are few stocked trout because there are not anglers almost. It is the same as cannot expect the result of fishing. As I thought, I annoyed by Kawamutsu (Dark chub), but I was able to meet some wild beautiful Amago. If you do not hope for a lot of result of fishing, wonderful time can be spent in the clear stream that ends the bustle of the opening of fishing season, and has regained the silence.

The construction of the first Kitagawa dam in Asogawa river of Kitagawa river branch aimed at the flood adjustment, and the construction was started. (The planned completion date in 2013.) The environment that surrounded the stream by the influence of dam construction began to change greatly. It was confirmed that Mountain Hawk Eagle of endangered species live in the vicinity of dam construction place in April, 2007, but it was announced that their nesting was not able to be confirmed in July, and construction seems to be continued. Moreover, the second Kitagawa dam of the same aim as the first dam also is planned in Kitagawa river, Noge. I think the influence on natural environment is inscrutable if these two dams were completed, and the enjoyment of fishing by the stream of mountain village like today seems to be lost.

Shiga Prefectural Governor Yukiko Kada announced the freeze of construction of Kitagawa Dam at the "verification meeting" held locally. River improvement of Adogawa is performed only by river channel repair of removal of earth and sand, etc. for the time being. (Sept. 11, 2011)

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