Yanagisawagawa River, Ochiai

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Takahashigawa -1
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Yanagisawagawa map
Takahashigawa -Horse Chestnut
Yanagisawagawa -Friend

Tamagawa River of the upper stream is called Tabagawa River. Tabagawa River has a steep stream. Ichinosegawa River, Yanagisawagawa River branch at the upper stream of Tabagawa River. Both of those rivers have a steep stream downstream but the upper reaches become flat stream in the woods of white birch and larch. We can easily enjoy fly fishing there. I have come to like those streams at once, especially the upper reaches of Yanagisawagawa River. However, there are two stocked fishing areas at Ochiai and Miyashiki. We were shouted for going in their stocked fishing area and that happening has spoiled our pleasant fishing. The river narrows from that fishing area and it become a thicket so it is best we don't go near there. If you don't stick to only fish many trout, you can meet beautiful Iwana that has spots of pale orange.
Yanagisawagawa -Iwana
Yanagisawagawa -1
Yanagisawagawa -2

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