Oshirakawa, Shirakawago Hirase

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The top of Mt. Hakusan
The current of Oshirakawa
My Friend in Oshirakawa
The Large Map Butterfly
The current of Oshirakawa

I went fishing after an interval of about seven years to the streams of the Hirase circumference with my friend who was making a promise from before. We were able to enjoy calm fishing at the main stream of Hirase or the stream of Oshirakawa until the uproar of Golden Week finishes and the season of the sweetfish comes. Since Shirakawago was registered into the world heritage (cultural heritage) of UNESCO, the surrounding environment was changed (a new road, tourist facilities, etc. were made), but Oshirakawa was very clear current in which beautiful iwana lives as before. Although a rainy season had come, fortunately, we were blessed with the weather and were able to do comfortable fishing trip.

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