Shibukawa River, Kozuhata

amago mark
Kozuhata is mountain village there is in Suzuka Mountains.
It has rich green and pure streams of Shibukawa River etc.

Distant view of Kozuhata village Downstream of stocked area Stocked area The upper stream of stocked area
Kozuhata village Shallows of lower part and Stocked area
Deutzia Field map of Shibukawa
Summer come soon Natural stream
Upstream 1 Iwana
Upstream shallows Good condition !
Upstream 2
Field map of Shibukawa Map of Japan
Upstream 4 Upstream 4 Amago Upstream 3 Upstream 5
Beyond a rock Wild Amago Pure stream in upper area

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

To go to Kozuhata village use to Happu road (R421) from Yokaichi intersection point of Meishin expressway and change to Chigusa road just before Eigenji temple. This road that connected Tokaido road and Nakasendo road was important in the Middle Ages. Chigusa road branches from Happu road and through Kozuhata village and go over Sugi mountain pass and go over Nenotaira mountain pass and arrive at Chigusa in Ise (old expression of Mie prefecture). This road was frequently used by merchants of Omi (old expression of Siga prefecture). It is especially known that this road was used by Sengoku Busho's Oda Nobunaga and Priest Ren-nyo. There are lot of historic spots and sites of old mine along the road.
We will arrive soon in upper course of Shibukawa River (Fujikirigawa River) after we through Kozuhata village. There is stocked fishing area at the first of upper course. To enjoy fishing with family or off season fishing are best. The upper reaches of this river has wonderful stream that runs through rocky place. We can catch the wild Amago that has beautiful parr marks and purplish dark belt on the side of the body. Of course we can catch Iwana (Japanese Char) too. The source of Shibukawa River (Fujikirigawa River), Samekodani River and so on are Mt.Amagoidake. Those rivers have be known best fishing area of Iwana from the past but we can not hope to have so good fishing now. I think we should appreciate that we can enjoy fly fishing there as we feel the history of the mountain village and the road.

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