Credit River, Erindale Park
Ontario Canada

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Erindale Park
Foot Bridge
Sea gull
Foot Bridge over Stream Bridge with me
Stream and Trail

When I went to Toronto, Ontario in Canada East Coast in the middle of September before, I heard that the salmon fishing can be performed on a nearby Credit River, I went fishing. I found some photos etc. at that time, when I was arranging the data of fishing or travel, so I posted belatedly. Credit River runs through Erindale Park of Mississauga that is next to the west in Toronto, and flows into Lake Ontario. Erindale Park is a large greenbelt, and is a place where can enjoy hike, picnic, walk, cycle, barbecue, etc. besides salmon fishing in their own way. I did fishing in the morning but there was no hit, so I took a nap in the shade of a tree, after eating a barbecue because it was the too much good weather. I was envious that it can go to such a wonderful place by the drive for about 30 minutes from Toronto.

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