Echigawa River, Yuzurio

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Yuzurio is a mountain village there is in Suzuka Mountains.
It is located in the east southen part of Lake Biwa in Siga.

rindo field map of hirase chaya Riv.
Road along river
spring water
Spring water at Happu rd. Chayagawa Riv.
yuzurio village happu kaido
Yuzurio village Parting of Happu road
yuzurio village chaya riv.
Stream near Yuzurio Best point in Chaya Riv.
echigawa riv. map of japan kanzaki riv.
Opened stream near Tadehata Stream of Kanzaki Riv.

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

By using the Happu road (Route 421), you can reach the upper area of Echigawa River. Firstly, walking along the Meishin expressway at the Yokaichi intersection point, you can meet a Happu road. Through the Eigenji temple where is known autumn colors, arrive at Tadehata village soon. The Echigawa river joins the Oikegawa River here.

The upper area of Oikegawa River where is known as the wooden turner originated , and they were scattered over mountains of various places from here. Prince Koretaka (the first Prince of Emperor Montoku) invented the manual potter's wheel in 859. He came here from Kyoto in order to escape from troubles of succeeding to the throne.

Yuzurio village have become the depths of the Echigawa River now. The stream is joined Chayagawa River and Kanzakigawa River above the village. The streams have many ravines. We could fish Japanese chars there very much in Kansai at one time. If you hope to have good fishing now, it's necessary to go to more upper stream. Chayagawa River and Kanzakigawa River are light and open streams, but Oikegawa River impress dark stream to the contrary. If we don't expect to catch any fishes, we can enjoy fly fishing there.

Formerly Higashi-Omi City of Shiga and Inabe City of Mie were connected via Ishigure Pass, but "Ishiguretoge Road" that bypasses the pass by the tunnel was opened at the end of March 2011 and, "Roadside Station Oku-Eigenji Keiryu-no-sato" that reused the junior high school building is opened in Tadehata. Therefore, it became easier to access the upstream part of Chayagawa River. So it became easy to go very much in the upper part of Chayagawa River.

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