Kutagawa River, Kuta

amago mark
Kuta is located in the mountain recesses but it is in Kyoto.
So much remains private houses with thatched roof yet.

snowed in river field map of kutagawa a field map of kutagawa b willow stocked area
Stream in early spring field map of kutagawa c Stocked fishing area
amago fishery co-op
Amago Modern fishing office
big tree of cedar house with thatched roof
map of japan
Big cedar and stream
miyanomachi miyanomachi 2  middle of kutagawa butterbur
Thatch in Miyanomachi and distant view Middle reaches and butterbur buds

blue fish mark --- Japanese Trout or Char inhabit this place.
brown fish mark --- Standing fishing area or Stocked fishing area.

The Kutagawa River joins the Adogawa River at Umenoki village. A short way above this junction is a river in the deep and beautifl valley. This valley is called Kankakei (Chilly and Hazy valley).
Around Kuta Shimonomachi is stocked fishing area and we can enjoy easy fishing there. The stream above this fishing area is over grown with reeds in summer and therefor it is hard to fish. The most upper reaches is narrow and mossy stream. We are often surprised that there are large sized Amagos in little pool.
I knew that the fry and adult fish of Amago that hatched and grew up at Kuta from 2009 are released, so I went to fishing to the stream of Kuta after a long time.

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