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It is a wish of fly fisher to casually do fly tying anywhere any time. You can make useful tying box only for you by yourself. If you decide to do it isn't difficult as you think, and moreover, you can get tying box at a low price. I introduce hand made tying box of myself that I have used regularly for many years.
Tying Box
Tying Box Tying Box
Tying Box The lid has space of large sized materials of hackle capes, quills, etc. and small pockets of tying tools, and inside lid is kept flat. Besides there is small container of head cement, flotant, etc. that is possible to take off. The main box is 9.5cm(3.7in.) thick. It is partitioned into two at center and they are partitioned into halves. Even, left compartment has inside tray of 4cm(1.6in.) thick and right compartment has board of vise that it turn to the inside 180° Left side is space of thread, floss, etc. and right side is space of dubbing materials, furs, etc. This box is 45cm(17.7in.) wide, 35cm(13.8in.) depth, 15cm(5.9in.) thick. This is made from boads of 15mm(0.6in.) thick, plywood of 5mm(0.2in.) thick. This is painted with polyurethane of teak color. Click here to see work manual.

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