Daimongawa River, Iridaimon

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The confluence of Daimongawa Riv. and Wadagawa Riv.
The stream of Ochiai
The shallows of Iridaimon
The stream of Iridaimon
A Longicorn beetle
Kurumayama Kogen Resort Inn Monteflora Hydrangea The neighborhood of Kiriyabashi Bridge

I was not able to fish until before Bon Festival because I was very busy this year. When the family trip was done to Yatsugatake of Shinshu, I went from the hotel to the Daimongawa Riv. that existed in the distance of about 20 minutes. The Daimongawa Riv. is a branch of Yodagawa Riv. And it is a mountain stream known well with Honsawagawa Riv. Because the Daimongawa Riv. flows along the Daimon Road (R 152), it is easy to going to river. This day was Sunday before Bon Festival, so I saw a lot of those who fish. I fished for several hours to the breakfast. However, I was not able to meet the trout after all. The stream that flows near some villages from Ochiai to Iridaimon is a shallow flow, and it is possible to fish pleasantly there.

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