Yugawa River, Akanumachaya

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Yudaki Falls
Upstream Yugawa River
Yugawa map
Fallen tree

Fishing in Yugawa River of Nikko began from Brook trout that were stocked by Thomas Blake Glover in 1902. When I lived in Tokyo about 30 years ago I went to fishing to Yugawa River often. I began to live in Tokyo now again so I wanted to know the condition of present Yugawa River, and I visited to the river again. As may be expected of the stream in the special preservation area of the national park, my impression about the stream was the same as former days though it elapsed about 30 years. The river meanders through marshland of 1,400m above sea level. It resemble a chalk stream in England.
Wild Deer
Yugawa map
Nice point
Toringo crab apple
Fishcarving of Brook trout
Downstream Yugawa River
Brook trout Downstream Yugawa River

It is area that can enjoy comfortable fishing and beautiful nature, but I was surprised that I could not almost find the water buttercup that once covered the bottom of stream. It is one cause that many fisher trample down the weeds or raise mud. This river became catch and release area from 2002. The left upside photo is brook trout of 48cm that I caught in 1977 and this trout was carved by myself.

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