Asogawa River, Kijiyama

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Tenkara fisher of my friend
The stream in the vicinity of Yokotani
Cute Amago
The branch in Kumanohata
The stream in the vicinity of Kumanohata
The stream in the vicinity of Kijiyama Kijiyama Village Damselfly

Though it is a little cold at morning and night, daytime became warm like the early summer. I went to the Asogawa river in Kutsuki to fish with two friends. The paved road leads to the village Kijiyama of the depth along the stream though it is narrow. The road traffic sign is shown the prefecture road 23, the Obama Kutsuki Takashima line, but it is not possible to go to Obama actually because the road is interrupted. We entered the river from the upstream of Yokotani that is dam construction area. We went up the stream for a while but the trout hardly reacted. I went to Kumanohata, and could meet Amago in the branch finally. After that, we moved to Kijiyama, and I could enjoy quiet fishing in the stream of the side of the private house. One friend could catch some Iwana in the branch. Another friend was the fishing result that was not satisfactory. Finally, he changed the rod into the camera, and was enjoying the stream. It can enjoy of each here by each style. It is my favorite stream, and I often guide foreign people who want to do light‐heartedly fly fishing to there.

The stream in the vicinity of Kijiyama The construction of the first Kitagawa dam in Asogawa river was started for the flood adjustment. (The planned completion date in 2013.) The environment that surrounded the stream by the influence of dam construction began to change greatly. It was confirmed that Mountain Hawk Eagle of endangered species live in the vicinity of dam construction place in April, 2007, but it was announced that their nesting was not able to be confirmed in July, and construction seems to be continued. Moreover, the second Kitagawa dam of the same aim as the first dam also is planned in Kitagawa river. I think the influence on natural environment is inscrutable if these two dams were completed, and the enjoyment of fishing by the stream of mountain village like today seems to be lost.
The photo is the vicinity of dam construction place.

Shiga Prefectural Governor Yukiko Kada announced the freeze of construction of Kitagawa Dam at the "verification meeting" held locally. River improvement of Adogawa is performed only by river channel repair of removal of earth and sand, etc. for the time being. (Sept. 11, 2011)

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