Firehole River,

Yellowstone National Park

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We reached the Firehole River in about 90 minutes after we started from town of Jackson and through Grand Teton National Park and went up north from south gate of Yellowstone National Park. The Firehole River runs through in the hot-spring area and join with the Gibbon River at Madison. June 29, 10:00 a.m. we started fishing at a place that is distant a little way north from Old Faithfull. We found many hatch of Mayfly and many rise of trout but we couldn't fish well because the weather was bad and high wind. We went to the lower part that was light wind by proposal of fishing guide's Don. At last, I could meet Brook trout at there. There are Rainbow, Brook and Brown trout in this river. And this river is permited only fly fishing. I think, charm of fishing in Yellowstone and the neighborhood of Grand Teton is not only fishing but also to meet many wild animals and plants and to spend leisurely in the nature.

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