Amasugawa River, Amasugawa

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from Honjo bridge
Stream of Amasugawa
Matteuccia struthiopteris
Indian Red Admiral
Stream of Amasugawa
Woodland path

Amasugawa River is an unusual river that doesn't flow into Biwa Lake or Seta River in Shiga Prefecture where Yamame lives. This river joins Samukazegawa River, becomes Kitagawa, and it flow into Wakasa bay. There is a gate in the starting point of the woodland path that runs along the river. Fishing license is bought in the private house near the gate, the gate is opened to go to the upstream part. Management was changed from the Amasu fishery cooperative to the Mitani fishery cooperative in 2008, so about 2km from the confluence of Samukazegawa River to Honjo bridge became catch and release area, and about 10km the main stream and each branch from Honjo bridge to Okushite valley became a general fishing area. On the day when I went fishing, I did not get the satisfactory fishing result because of the cold by rain and the strong wind, etc. I wish to enjoy quiet fishing on a calm day again.

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